“The path to victory is paved with small choices.” by Pastor Greg Taylor

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Romans 10:10 teaches us an important lesson in the development of faith. Christianity is based within individual choice to become altruistic. Essentially, the choice to surrender my individualism and become a part of God’s community. The paradox is intriguing. Faith is more than a personal Theology and Church is more than a Sunday nexus of individuals. Being a Christian is a spiritual collective of individuals who no longer live individually.

In our journey of faith, we must consider that we are significant and every choice we make is important. Every person commits choices that affect the personal world in which we live. These choices emanate into the community that we are connected with. Every time we choose forgiveness, reconciliation, generosity it affects everything about our world.

“With our heart” is the definitive of the personal choice that we make to find salvation. We are not saved by traditions or worship styles; morality or ethical stances. Instead we are saved by accepting the gift of salvation and choosing to follow Jesus. Your choice changes everything.

Then comes the irony – I choose to stop choosing for myself and let God set my choices. Faith requires that I no longer live like I am in control of my own life – God sets the rules for living for me. Jesus tells me to “love my enemies; help the poor and needy; forgive when people do wrong; pray, tithe and fast” – clearly these commandments are not something we can pick and choose. Nor are they conditions which are pleasing to our old nature.

Additionally, “Our confession” is much more than just words, it is an alliance with others of faith. It is the determination to the world that “I am a Christ follower.” This confession clearly separates those who believe into a community of other people on a similar journey. So we are more than just commissioned to the principles of heaven, but also to have these conditions tested in a local fellowship – church.
To know salvation, that is to really live in salvation, is to apply this principle that Paul establishes for us. It wasn’t a new idea for Jewish people. In the Old Testament, unity was expressed in every aspect of life. There was commonality in morals, ethics, and social behaviour. The OT writers showed the dire consequences when this was broken. This is why Luke is keen for us to realize that, “…they had everything in common…” It is also why the other Biblical writers were so emphatic about God’s people having spiritual unity. The choices we make to towards community determine the life of victory and satisfaction we will live.

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