Our Projects

Our Projects


This project is still in its conception phase. We are working to launch an Early Learning Center in the future. The ELC will present an environment of learning that offers solutions to educational and social issues.

The ELC will cater for families who are impacted by Autism. Our aim is that we can play a part of early detection, and provide resources that foster hope for a great life.

Our expectation is to launch a center in 2025.

Sri Lankan Missions

Our church is committed to projects in Sri Lanka. We partner with churches in Sri Lanka to break the cycles that led to poverty.

A key component of what we do is developing local church leaders by training youth to be Christian leaders in their own community.

We are also heavily involved in giving children an education and supplying the resources to do well at school.

Community Care

Our church is committed to its local community. We partner with Townsville City Care to deliver quality services to our city.

We host a variety of different programs for our partners. Our desire is to encourage the synergy that is required to fix problems and help others.

Townsville City Care has a number of programs that are functioning. To see more please click the button.

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