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If you need to connect with people on a more personal level, we also have small groups (that abide with the current regulations) of 3 or 4 people in large spaces.

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City Kids Online

For weekly interactive activities.

City Kids Playlist on Youtube

Building Faith Live Stream

Still Developing…we are expecting to start live stream these lessons after easter 2020

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Church Sermons

God’s Megaphone

God wanted humanity to know who Jesus is and what the messiah was going to be like. The Bible is full of stories, analogies, poems and pictures that point us to Jesus: the burning bush the passover offerings & sacrifice the bronze serpent the “King of Glory ”, etc… In the Old Testament the writers

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Church Updates

Church Update Cycle 2, Week 2

Hey Church, Sharon-Marie and I are here to help. We want to remind you that help is always available. We will door best to give you want you will need in these tough times. Sometimes generosity is about digging deeper. Other times, its about digging in. Whether we meet on Sundays or not, we are

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Church Updates


Dear Townsville City Church, At Townsville City Church, we aim to provide a safe environment for all who attend our services and programs. When it comes to the current outbreak of Coronavirus, we believe it is important that we respond practically and wisely to minimise the spread of this disease. We have considered the recommendations

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For Cycle 4, Week 7

7th - 13th August

Bible Story: The Book of Exodus

Big Idea: God is powerful!

Memory Verse: “Lord and King, you have reached out your great and powerful arm. You have made the heavens and the earth. Nothing is too hard for you.” Jeremiah 32:17 (NIrV)

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