Actioning what we believe to build faith

Building Faith is a powerful tool for developing Christian faith. It contextualises the Bible and helps people to strengthen their knowledge. Application of God’s word develops healthier lives and better communities.

Building Faith meets every Tuesday Night 7-9pm and Thursday Morning 9-11am. 
12 Burnda Street, Kirwan Q 4817

We are practicing our COVID plan and people will need to sign-in. If you show any signs of being unwell, please stay safe and stay at home.

Exploring the Old Testament

Our program includes a macro & micro exploration of the books in the Old Testament. Understanding the content of this library is an important part of learning from our past. We examine the Old Testament from a historical and spiritual perspective.

Understanding The New Testament

The New Testament is an intriguing¬† collection of teachings and testimony about the “new covenant” that Jesus teaches about. Understanding this library of history and letters is essential for a fulfilling journey of faith.¬†

Everything about God

We present everything we can glean from the Bible so that we can understand God. We focus on Biblical Theology, Christology, Pneumatology. We also look at the activity of God in a believers life. It is an exploration of the doctrines of our Christian faith.

Church Context

Building Faith seeks to empower people with a lifestyle that partners with other believers in our daily walk. Understanding the context of church and ministry is like understanding a map. As we journey through life, ministry creates options for our paths and church provides support to walk those paths well.

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