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Dear Townsville City Church,
At Townsville City Church, we aim to provide a safe environment for all who attend
our services and programs. When it comes to the current outbreak of Coronavirus,
we believe it is important that we respond practically and wisely to minimise the
spread of this disease.
We have considered the recommendations from the Australian Government and
Department of Health, and are sharing some precautionary measures to put in
place to manage the potential risk for our Townsville City Church family.

• Good hygiene is the best defence against infection. This includes:
– Help your immunie system by eating fresh fruit and vegetables
Regularly washing your hands with soap and water;
– Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze;
– Avoiding close contact with those who have been infected;
– If you or your child is feeling unwell, please stay home and seek medical attention;
– Health professionals are suggesting we take care with greeting each other (a smile
or wave can be as welcoming as a handshake or a hug at this time).
• If you are feeling unwell or showing symptoms:
– Surgical masks are only recommended to members of the community who are
displaying symptoms.
– The Dept of Health has released a fact sheet Information for Parents. If your child is
unwell, please may we ask you not to send them to the Kids program.
– If you experience any respiratory-related symptoms or a fever (including but not
limited to temperature, cough, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, a sore throat, or
a runny nose), please consult your doctor and stay at home and rest (for a period of
14 days).

If you have reason to believe you may have Coronavirus, it is important that you
seek medical attention early. Make sure you call ahead so that your doctor’s surgery
can be prepared. National Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080
If you are unwell and serve on our Church team, please let your Team Leader know
ASAP, so we can organise alternative arrangements and so we can pray and care for
you (we don’t want you to feel isolated).
These measures are not to cause fear or alarm. We want to reassure you that we
are committed to your health and well-being, and will be praying for everyone in
our Townsville City Church family. We remain people of faith, with our hope and
trust in the Lord. (Psalm 91 is a great encouragement at this time!)
Please do not accept (or share) information from social media without checking
sources and the legitiacy of the claims.
We will continue to advise you of any further updates. If you have any questions or
concerns, please feel free to contact myself.

with regards,
Pastor Greg Taylor

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