1.    Everything must include the spiritual
We view our life holistically. We are an organisation that is concerned with how the spiritual interacts with the physical, emotional, psychological, and social.
2.    Everything we do is evangelistic
Every part of Christian life is sharing the character of God. We are compelled to reach out to people with God’s love.
3.    Everything we do requires excellence
We believe that everyone should the best person we can be. As a church we determine to do the same, and pursue doing the best we can with what we have.
4.    Everything we do carries a cost
As a church, we are prepared to move from our “comfort zone” to be able to move forward. We recognise that change comes at a price, but we also believe that the outcome is worth it.
5. Everything we do is prophetic
We believe that as a church we are responsive not reactionary. Our role is to prepare people and society for good and bad seasons in life.
6. Everything we do is altruistic
Nothing else comes higher than the value we place on people. We have structures in place to uphold the value we have for the individual. The person, not programs, are our first priority.
7. Everything we have is generational
We believe that our church is multi-generational. We have the resources for this generation to live as God intended, and we are developing a legacy for the next.
8. Everything we see must have a God perspective
We pursue a “big picture” approach to the way we conduct ourselves. For our church we are looking towards long term rewards, rather than immediate gratification.
9. Everything works according to seasons
Our church understands that there are seasons in life. God establishes these seasons so that we can grow and strengthen our lives.
10. Everything Is God’s
The ministry of this church is to honour God’s people and God’s plan for each person. The pastors and leaders of the church are available to advise and guide, but ultimately each person’s journey is a personal choice. 

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