As a community of faith, we all get involved and we encourage everyone to partner with others to make things happen.

What you need.

  1. Complete our Growth Track
  2. Register a FREE Blue Card application
    Our church policy requires a Blue Card (or equivalent) as most of our work involves dealing with children.
  3. Attend 1 service each weekend for 6 weeks

Areas you can partner in.

How do I become an active partner.

  1. Fill in "A Connect Card" and become an attender at our weekend services
  2. Come to a "Fresh Start" afternoon at FatDogz Cafe on a Friday afternoon
  3. Complete the 5 week "Growth Track"
  4. Sign up as a "Champion" during week 4
  5. Have a coffee with Pastor Maria or Pastor Wes.
  6. You will be temporarily rostered on a ministry area and together we evaluate if you are in the "right role & right team"
  7. Become a member of the church
  8. Become part of a team (or a couple)