A little history...

Townsville City Church is a part of the Australian Christian Churches which began in Australia in the 1930’s. The Australian Christian Churches (Assemblies of God in Australia) in the early years was greatly influenced by such figures as Mrs. Janet Lancaster, AC Valdez, Smith Wigglesworth, C L Greenwood and P B Duncan but none of these were individually responsible for the formation of the Assemblies of God in Australia. The movement was formed out of a conference in Easter 1937. 
Naturally, the Townsville City Church was established much later. In the early 1980’s a home group from Calvary Church began meeting together, under the guidance and direction of Pastor David Cartledge. In 1985, it was launched as a new church plant as “Upper Ross Christian Family” with Bob & Chris Richardson as their Pastor. In February 2015, we celebrate our 30th birthday as a church. The church quickly became very active in outreaching to their community. 
Between 1990-1998 Barry & Linda Wedrat, led the church into new phases of ministry. Through their leadership they developed a strong ministry team and planted a new church on the south side of Townsville. By the time Barry had moved to European ministry, the church had a strong congregation of about 80 people. 
In 1998, Pastors from Mackay had moved into take on the work – Ross & Diane Taylor. The church began to look at ways in which we could be actively involved in helping our community. During these twelve years, the church had become involved in Community Projects and received a number of awards for their efforts. In 2008, we finally had enough funds to purchase a small worship centre in Kirwan to call home. Before they retired from senior ministry, the church was ministering to over 200 people every week. 
2011 was a new season for us as a church with our Associate Pastors taking over. Greg and Sharon-Marie have been working on building the community connection with Townsville City Church. Currently the church is working on a vision that engages, equips and empowers people to live life to the full and enjoy the journey of faith together. As we build upon the foundations laid out before us our church is continuing to be a Christian example to our community.