A Community is more than just a meeting that takes place, it’s about the common unity we develop in our relationships. In these times we must be deliberate about our relationships. We have small groups that meet to provide encouragement and support at a more personal and intimate level.  
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Our weekly Connect Groups are designed for fellowship and accountability, study and prayer, good times and tears. At the heart of the Connect Groups we desire to see a community of believers who love Jesus, love one another, and love life. God has called us to a lifestyle of worship and relationship. In small groups we get to know others. It is through our relationships with people that help us to grow. Our small groups give us even more than that, they actually help us to have the opportunity to show how much we care. Through the honest exchange of experiences, we receive mutual encouragement on our spiritual journey. We want to develop the sense that ‘the journey is to be enjoyed not just the destination’. 
There are two different types of connect groups in our church – Social and Study. 

Social Connect

Social Connects are established with people of common interest, they  may include movies, love of exotic coffee, rock climbing, tennis, football, walking, gym, pizza, etc. They take so many different shapes and sizes. For example, some are in coffee shops while others are in homes. Other Social Connects have weekly meetings, while some connect in differently everyday. They meet in various locations throughout the city at different times in the week. 

Study Connect

Our Study Connects meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis and their function is to bring people together for discipleship. In these groups we take the time to study God’s word and apply it to us in our context. We make these moments opportunities for support and peer growth as we help each other through the seasons in our lives. 
It is our intention that all of our Connect Groups provide opportunities for relationship and outreach. Our smaller groups meet in informal settings so that relationships, families, and our community are built and strengthened. For our connect groups, the emphasis is on each other, not the programs we can run or 'numbers on the board'. You are welcome to attend one that suits you.