Elisabeth Laurier

Kids Co-ordinator
Elisabeth joined our team in 2014 after relocating from the Gold Coast.  Elisabeth has been involved in ministry through community services for the past 11 years.   
While on a quest to ‘find’ God, Elisabeth completed a Masters degree in the Study of Religion.  She then joined Southport Assembly of God – Gold Coast Evangelistic Centre in 2000 and gave her life to the Lord.  Elisabeth has worked in several ministries in the church but especially in the Community Service field.  Elisabeth has facilitated many courses including Women to women, Divorce care and parenting courses.  She also provides individual counselling and personal support.   
Elisabeth recognises the potential that is within everyone and encourages children to become more aware of the gifts that God has given them as they grow in their understanding of God’s love, purpose and destiny for their lives. 
Elisabeth joined this church in 2013 and made herself available for administrative support.  She began teaching in Kid’s Ministry in 2013 and attained the position of Children’s Pastor in 2014.  
Elisabeth married and divorced while still young.  She brought up three children as a solo parent.  Elisabeth supported herself and her children while undertaking extensive tertiary studies at universities.  Elisabeth has six grandchildren, all girls, and frequently makes herself available for foster care.   
Her hero is Paul (Bible Contributor) because he was constantly concerned for the whole world, for its nations and its cities, and also individually for each and everyone.  He was an evangelist and demonstrated superior strength and endurance.  He wrote many letters that are important to the theology of the church.   
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