Jacob & Jess Long

Worship Co-ordinator
Jacob has been a part of Townsville City Church since he was in high school.  Now as a young adult he oversees the creative ministry and the worship on a Sunday. 
Jacob accepted Christ at a young age during Sunday School.    When the time came for Jacob to go to the church youth group, he refused to go.  This lasted for a year, until his sister Tiffany wanted to go but wasn’t allowed to go unless Jacob himself went.  He reluctantly went to youth for the first time and was exposed to another level of God, and loved it.  He was asked to join the music team as a singer and hasn’t left.   Jacob married his wife Jessica in April, 2014, and is now attending Calvary Leadership College. 
“I want to see people engaged in the power and the freedom of worship.”
Over the past few years Jacob has been building systems and implementing strategies that have allowed for growth in the creative team.  Calling on mentors from churches such as Edge Church International, the team have been going from strength to strength.  Striving for a structurally unstructured Sunday service, hungry for God to move, the team are excited to take the church on an engaging worship experience that follows onto Monday.  Jacob and the team are confident in God and the future. 
Jacob’s passion is worship and music.  He is a singer/songwriter that engages with community by gathering other musicians putting on an acoustic show called Burnda Street at the church.  Jacob also works as a youth worker at Cleveland Youth Detention Centre. 
Favorite Food: I’m not a foodie.  I like food… but I’m not picky.  
Favorite Hobby:Hanging out with my wife and daughter, connecting with like-minded people or playing my guitar. 
Hero: Aside from Jesus, my hero would have to be my Dad.  He’s a great man of God, a husband, a father and continually has an impact into the man I am today. 
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